Wednesday, 29 September 2010

experiencing and rethinking tenedos / bozcaada....

the journey starts at 23:00 from the taskisla building...
We r going to go across the dardanelles, and then have a second ferry at geyikli...

Following our amazing journey, the aim is to experience, scan, read the different characteristics of the island;
we are going to set up a productive milieu via workshops during the days / nights...

Following the journey, our target is to produce a documentary as a group,
to develop a design of a public space  for annual homeros readings ( again in group in architectural competition format).

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

FILMS to watch before your documentary



Kamerali Adam / man with camera

Preliminary Readings For experimental structures…

some more readings
CultureLab: Triumph of the north or technological salvation?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

SLEEPless / UYKUsuz seminer dizisi...

SLEEPless starts on Tuesday, 04.10.2010 with a challenging lecture entitled:

“Mapping the Known or Exploring the Knowable? – reflections on arts-based forms of spatial investigation” by Dr. Maria Hellström Reimer

In relation to any organization of things and forces, the introduction of the notion of ‘art’ will cause tension. Not the least has this been the case in the fields of architecture and urbanism, where ‘art’, either as unlawful ornamentation or ingenious articulation, has challenged forms and procedures. When art or arts-based practices enter the field of academic research, the tension again increases, calling for renewed reflection on the role of representation and mediation. With the point of departure in a number of arts-based research projects, the lecture will approach the distinction between mapping the known and exploring the knowable.
Dr Maria Hellström Reimer – associate professor and senior research fellow in landscape architecture at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, and the Design Faculty, Royal College of Technology, Stockholm, with a specialization in theoretical and applied aesthetics/design theory. Currently the co-coordinator of two national post-graduate programs, as well as the international arts-based research platform Land Use Poetics.

vertical studio @ ISTANBUL EXHIBITION

Monday, 27 sept. 2010
ISTANBUL 1910-2010 exhibition